Diaries are still the future.

Forget your iPhone, forget your Mac, forget all this technology. A good old fashion diary is still the best way to keep track (just my personal opinion)

I love technology as much as the next person but when it comes to remembering things I have to physically write it down, this may be something to do with my anxiety but I think this will always be the way for me.

So over the years I have had many many different diaries, however the one my Mama bought me this year for Christmas is my new fave.

Oliver Bonas x


I came across Oliver Bonas months ago and to be honest you will catch me scrolling down the online shop nearly every day checking whats on sale and whats new in store. Unfortunately Sheffield is a bit rubbish for on trend shops so there isn’t a store I can regularly pop into.

I thought my mum had been stalking my blog as I’ve mentioned Oliver on a few occasions however she was spot on with buying me this diary for Christmas but apparently it was mothers intuition because she said when she saw it she thought of me instantly.

I am very busy. 2017


This is a hard diary to find online,  my mum bought this from Oliver Bonas in store, although it is a collection.

It’s so colourful and quirky;

  • Filled with ‘important’ events from around the world that you just can’t forget about, for example; Girl Gang Appreciation Day, National Sticker Day, National Do-nut day, Best Friends Day, National Disco Ball Day and loaddddds more
  • It comes with a 2 page spread of stickers
  • Inspirational quotes
  • and much more…..take a look;


img_1499   img_1498



img_1500                img_1502



Bearypie xoxo

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