The Process of Purposefully going Grey 

Many people from the older generation find it hard to comprehend, saying ‘wait till you get older and you have the look for free’ Obviously after the 100th time of hearing this, I find it SOO hilarious (Can you sense my sarcasm?)

I knew it wouldn’t be an easy process, and actually it’s still continuing, but around about August 2016 I decided I wanted to go silver/grey. Luckily my hair was already light, however it still takes a long time to transform it completely.

My hairdresser said in August that it will take more than a few sessions in the chair before getting the grey I wanted.

step 1/ Blonde

I was already blonde, but I needed to go blonder so that the toner wold stick to my hair better


step 2/ White Blonde

It wasn’t quite silver, but a very white blonde.


step 3/ Light Tones of Grey

This lasted for around about 2/3 days, and soon washed out, it just didn’t stick.


step 4/ Tones of Blue/Grey

This was the last step to date, at first is came out so purple/blue, but soon faded out and I was left with pretty much the grey I want. I will have to go again in a few weeks to have it done again, and to keep it topped up and make sure all my hair is completely covered. However I can do this at home if I wanted. Buying this online for £14.00, wetting my hair, covering my head all over and waiting 20/30 minutes and then rinse!


Two top tips!

1, Remember that it’s important to not leave such a long time between stages, you’ll end up starting from the beginning each time. You need to keep up with it, so when you go blonde, leave it a few weeks before going back for the next session, don’t leave months in between, its a waste of money and time. Plus it won’t do your hair any more good than what you’re doing to it in the first place.

2, Use the right shampoo or conditioner to maintain the colour, anything that is for silver and grey tones, you will notice that the shampoo is usually blue, it doesn’t stain your skin even though it looks as though it should. I’d wash up after yourself though, I seem to get a lot of blue on the walls.

Shampoo’s and condition’s that I recommend for grey/silver tones;





Bearypie xoxo

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