Inspired by ‘Supermodel Tips’ (Carly Hobbs)

I always fold over the pages from magazines/books with some good worthy advice on them so I don’t forget, I jot down anything I see or hear on the tv or online so that I can formulate a lovely blog for all of you out there that are interested.

Ten tricks and tips from the help of best supermodels in the world


Black mascara is a classic. It’s bold and gives your lashes a striking finish. However brown mascara is much more flattering, softer, cooler and less likely to cause an unintentional Panda-esque make-up look.


‘Dress your attitude, not your age’ Twiggy 


‘Never put a knot in wet hair, your strands will break’ Daphne Groeneveld


Dry Shampoo is probably one of the greatest beauty inventions, but did you know that it actually works better if you apply it before going to bed?


Three items ALL supermodels have in their wardrobes. A good fitting pair of jeans, a slightly battered leather jacket, and a crisp white shirt. Classic, effortless and flattering!


‘If you have puffy eyes, a great trick is using really thick Greek yogurt with a little bit of honey and putting it under your eyes’ Lily Aldridge 


I like misting my face with rosewater every morning. It’s so refreshing! It’s moisturising and great for the winter when my skin gets really dry’ Karlie Kloss


Spots in general should be left alone; ask any model or backstage beautifier. However, if they are white and ready to pop you can squeeze without scarring. You just need to do it super-clever and, most importantly, clean way. Dip two cotton buds into antiseptic, then push them together against the spot. Use a third bud to swipe over the aftermath. Then…do not touch!


A little bit of skin goes a very long way. Don’t get it all out at once, legs or décolletage, arms or tummy. Operate the backstage rule for one in, one out.


Water. Drink at least eight glasses a day for fresh skin and top energy levels. Chill bottles of tap water in the fridge adding slices of cucumber and lemon to mix things up.

Bearypie xoxo

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