Book By Sali Hughes

This little gem is never far from me when I’m at home, I love a good flick through on the sofa, in bed or at (our new) breakfast bar.

Filled to the brim with Sali’s honest truth’s about pretty much anything beauty related. I’ve sat down with a pencil every time I have a read, circled and randomly picked my most favourite things she has to say. Just so I can put them all together in one post.

You can order yours online from Amazon

These are some points that stuck out to me the most, and my own interpretation;

Handbag/Desk/Car essential

♡ dry shampoo

You will never regret having dry shampoo near. It’s your bestest friend when you are in need of a little umph on a greasy hair day. God only knows how many times it has saved my bottom!

Two Perfumes that ooze sexiness

♡ YSL Opium

♡ Chanel Coco Noir

Some perfumes are just made to show off your sexiness, the lingering smell of seduction that just makes you into a completely different person. There’s nothing wrong with a floral scent during the day, but get your YSL or Chanel out when the moon comes up!

A manicure must!!

♡ ALWAYS remove old nail varnish and give your nails a scrub

You should never layer up over old nail varnish, even if it’s the same colour, it looks awful and grubby. Take some time, pamper yourself, sit listening to some music or watching a film, get a cotton pad and some good nail varnish remover, get rid of anything on your nails and then go give them a good scrub with a nail brush, hot water and some soap. Now your nails are ready for cuticle care, base coats, sparkly nail varnish etc etc.

When is it time to throw products away? 

♡ Mascara

I think this can vary from person to person, I usually can tell when I am in need of a new mascara because there is literally no excess on your brush anymore. I don’t use a lot on my lashes every day, just a few coats, so maybe my mascara lasts a bit longer? Sali says it’s usually around 6 weeks before needing to buy a new one. There’s a few ways which you can stop your bottle from drying out, insert the brush in a spiral motion, also you can clean your brush with facewash or shampoo and leave to dry and then put back in your bottle.

Caring for our skin (what won’t work)

♡ Smoking

The dreaded ‘S’ word that every smoker doesn’t want to hear. Smoking does literally NOTHING positive for us! I love that Sali has mentioned this. We live in a society where we are constantly worrying if we have offended someone, I can imagine a lot of authors and bloggers are scared to say too much about a certain subject, I can speak for myself that I always toy with things to say and things not to say! But this is sooooo true, smoking will not do one god damn nice thing for your little face!

Everything else in life is fine in moderation, even a glass of prosecco on a Friday night isn’t going to hurt…as long as it’s in moderation. But every puff on that ciggy is doing harm, even in moderation. Smoking ultimately makes you look older, Even if you do or don’t because  unfortunetly the puff of smoke – if it’s around your face is attacking your skins estrogen. This will inevitably make your skin less bouncy, less bright and fine lines will appear around your mouth.

“Stop now, your face will thank you for it”

Fast Fixes

♡ Curl your eyelashes

Many eye lash curlers are poo poo, but once you find the right one, they can work wonders. Just a simple curling out those butterfly kisses can change your whole face and make you look bright eyed and bushy tailed even when you’re nowhere near feeling that. Sali doesn’t give any advice of the best ones out there. Coming from someone who’s eye lashes are straighter than a plank of wood, this is something I have researched a lot.

Shu Uemura @ Harrods. £20.00

♡ Exfoliate your skin

BUT not everyday! That’s very important. However when you’re thinking that your face is looking a bit dull and needs perking up a little, then a exfoliating mask can do the trick. Pop it on to a clean, dry face, leave on for the recommended time, massage your face with your fingers and then wipe off with a hot flannel.

I really love; Origins Originals Skin Retexturizing Mask @ House of Fraser. £24.00

Sali gives some amazing tips, tricks and some helpful direction to all your beauty/fashion needs, definitely worth buying the book and taking in her pretty honest advice.

Bearypie xoxo

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