…for a good nights sleep

When we are bambinos we don’t realise how important sleep is.

When we are teenagers we fight being told to go to bed from our parents.

When we’re at Uni we burn the candle at both ends.

When we’re older, we know how important sleep is..however our body won’t let us.

When in our life do we ever have a great routine and a good nights sleep?

Personally I either fall to sleep brilliantly and wake up a millions time during the night, or fall to sleep with difficulty and wake up feeling like I haven’t slept a wink.

After years of researching this and even Cal having his own little research sessions for me, there’s a few things that come up every single time.

• Exercise..of course,


• Not drinking caffeine or alcohol too late.

And then one thing that I didn’t take too seriously before now..having a good environment to sleep in.

 • Having a window open for some fresh air,

 • Creating a dark room, black-out curtains and hiding light shining through the crack of the door,

 • Sleeping in airy jim jams,

 • Not covering yourself with a million covers,

 • The right pillow,

 • The correct mattress,

 • Investing in a gradual wake up light alarm clock (my mum SWEARS by hers),

 • Lavender centered candles or incense,

 • This Work’s Sleep essentials –Sleep Products,

 • Keeping a tidy surrounding.

All these factors are so important for us to get a good sleep.

Beth’s personal tips 

For anyone who tends to worry when it’s time to go to sleep, I recommend writing down anything that’s spinning around in your head or something that you desperately NEED to remember so that you don’t worry about forgetting it the next day. I try to keep a notepad and pen on the bed side table. Just so when I’m tossing and turning I can reach over and jot something down. I almost feel like im taking it out of my brain and putting it down till the morning, it can really help.

I try not to drink too much before I go to bed, whether it’s water or a cuppa tea. I try to not drink up to an hour before I go to bed. This saves my sleep being interrupted because I’m dying for a wee. I sometimes fine that when I get up to go to the bathroom, it wakes me up and then I find it hard to drop back off to sleep again.

Turning your phone to ‘night mode’. To be honest, I seem to do this earlier and earlier each night, there’s something about people not being able to contact me that calms me down. I only know how to do this on the iPhone, but there’s a button I can press that makes it appear that my phone is switched off. I then can go to my favourites, and select people who I don’t want this to apply to, for example; Cal and my Dad. This then makes me not look at my phone all night, it’s so refreshing.

Bearypie xoxo






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