You should never skimp when it comes to foundation

I’ve said this A LOT, I probably sound like a broken record, but the base for you creating a painting has to be the best you can get.

A painter would never create a masterpiece on some crappy paper or cheap canvas?

And that’s exactly what you’re doing ….creating a masterpiece, make up – is a work of art, has to be done right, if its sloppy and rushed with the wrong tools and instruments then it will show at the end.

Our search for the best foundation is an ongoing test, but I decided to take it one step further.

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried this out (but you really should) send your dad, boyfriend or husband – any male, to buy your make up for you.

(we don’t have a Sephora in the UK (yet) so we have to improvise when it comes to trying every single foundation out there. without pulling at the purse strings too much)

Sales women LOVE men, they give them so many freebies, they come out with loads of itsy bitsy things for you to try. I still don’t 100% know why women find men buying their loved ones make up so wonderfully cute, but what ever it is, they swoon over it.

Last week I had Cal walk into House of Fraser with a made up story that he wanted to purchase some make up for his girlfriend’s birthday – aka me…aka LIESSSS.

He walked out with ten different foundation samples.

Gives me chance to try them all out and decide on my favourite.

Here are some;



I always say you can’t go wrong with Dior, everything they do is exquisite.  Including their beauty range. I was able to get; number 20 – Light Beige and number 30 – Medium Beige to try.

I liked the way it felt on my skin and both colours actually were fine, although I felt with the 20 that I was applying more of it to build it up. So it was easier to just go with number 30.

It’s not high coverage, and is definitely for people who love the natural look with a hint of a healthy glow.






Ooooooo Chanel, barely do anything wrong, the clothing may be a bit wacky, but their foundation is to die for.

I’ve been able to try a few, but the Vitalumiere fluid is my favourite, and the shade Clair is suiting my skin perfectly. However I do find myself mixing it with the Dior Star shade 20 for an even dewier look.






I had this foundation a few years ago and I know why there was a reason to me switching. I do love the silkiness of it however, I find it hard to blend. I could see a patch just above my jaw bone and it refused to blend with the rest of my face – which is frustrating. Also I find that you don’t get a lot for your money at all. The bottles are a lot smaller than other brands and they aren’t much cheaper match the small size, which doesn’t make sense.

However, the colour match was great, at one point I really loved this foundation, so they were doing something right. I still to this day wear the foundation primer – radiance. That will never leave my side.


Laura Mercier – Foundation


Laura Mercier – Primer


 Bearypie xoxo

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