Makeup & Skincare…what else?

You may have noticed recently that a lot of my posts have related to anything that I can put on my face. 

I just seem to never be able to stay away from talking about anything to do with makeup and skincare because I love it so much, so the words come easy.

Compared with a few blogs close to my heart and ugly truths behind closed doors (which evidentially are tough to write), makeup seems so trivial, albeit much MUCHHH easier to write!

And no matter what people say….very important in girl world.

I’ve decided and thought about this for a while now, to have a go at trying more affordable products, drugstore makeup, high street skincare, etc etc. 

I love upper market brands, and when it comes to certain things I will never move away from the likes of Dior, Channel, Guerlain and so on. 

But I can’t rate these drugstore cosmetics and skincare products without trying them, as that would not be a true opinion of mine if not. 

So, in true Beth style and nature and in any spare time I have, I browse the internet for those cosmetic sites that have thousands of cheaper brands (some that I’ve never heard of), pick my best, add them to my list (which is an excel spreadsheet) and sort out which ones are getting bought this month. 

Beauty Bay

I discovered this site when watching a vlogger CosmoHayley – I highly recommend checking out her beauty tutorials!

Luckily there were a few items I was wanting and they are all on Beauty Bay, which saves me a lot of time from going between sites to order products.

After consulting my highly thought out excel spreadsheet the newbies are as followed;


701 7 Piece Brush Set

Brushes for makeup can be extremely highly priced, and sometimes yes they may be worth it – yet other times, it’s just too ridiculous to spend £50.00 on a powder brush every time – especially if money is most definitely an object. 

So I checked out the makeup tools range on BB, and I was presently surprised with this set. 

It has everything you need, and you get what you’re given for £14.00! 

From a spoolie brush to your tapered blush brush, it seems to have everything to cover your makeup routine. 



L.A. Girl – Concealer – HD Light Ivory

I have many concealers and YSL Radiance Touch Eclate but I wanted to reach out to the drug store concealer to see if there really are any differences. This concealer is perfectly designed for a makeup free face, under the eyes, around the nose and any blemishes, to be tapped into your skin before applying your foundation. 

And only £5.00



Morphe – Koffee Palette 

A girl can never have too many palettes! With all the difference colours, shades and tones to choose from, you can’t limit yourself to just one. 

This one is very similar to my Urban Decay palette, but not anywhere near the price and double the number of colours. 

And only £22.00

I love the beige and nude tones for an everyday use, and the darker numbers for nights out when wanting to make a statement. 


( items not from Beauty Bay )


Estee Lauder Set and Refresh Perfecting Makeup Mist

I love when I find a setting spray that actually works, so many sprays out there feel like your spraying hairspray on your face, but with this being a mist it leaves it dewy as well as makes it last all day.

Also, you can go back to this during the day as a sort of ‘top up’ that you need half way through the day. It can also be used before applying your wake up as a refresh and rejuvenating start to the day before applying the war paint for the day. 




Origins Energy Boosting Treatment

I suppose this is very similar to the above, however, this comes across to me more as a refreshing toner, to be used straight after washing your face.

Also, can be used AM and PM just to keep your face boosted, as it works over time. As the above one may work only when you’ve used it for that moment in time. 

Also comes in a mist formula, which I’m really liking at the moment, I don’t know why but it feels more refreshing to sweep something over our face using mist rather than a cotton pad.



Bearypie xoxo

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