Books and magazines and more books and magazines


I am forever buying fashion, beauty and lifestyle mags and books, I love everything about reading the best tips for beauty, the best places to buy fashion pieces and the best advice for a great lifestyle.


I’ve recently added a new piece to the collect which has prompted me to tell you what beauty books you should buy.

Bloom by Estee Lalonde – Navigating Life and Style


And what a good choice I made, it has everything from work life, to fashion to furniture in one book. 

The title says it’s all.

Filled to the brim with her faves and ‘loves of life’. It’s so intriguing to see what other people like and dislike, when coming to style and beauty. This is a prime example of an inside view, which we don’t always get, Estee talks about work, her flat, her boyfriend and then most importantly (hehe) fashion and beauty. It’s nice to have a book with a bit of everything in.

Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes – The Straight Talking Beauty Companion


Exactly what it says on the tin, doesn’t get straighter than this, everything you could want in a beauty book, do’s, don’ts, must haves, must NOTS. 

I’ve spoken about this before – click here – but it’s definitely worth mentioning again, I think I got through this book in one early night in bed, I couldn’t put it down, 

She focuses on 32 different aspects, from bridal pointers (which might not be your main priority at the moment) however, Sali quickly switches it up to subjects such as Salon Etiquette to the Best Red Lipstick, it’s so rare that you find a book like this that can relate to everyone. This is probably why I’ve blogged about it for the second time. 

IT by Alexa Chung


A fashion and modelling goddess, Alexa went from TV presenter, to one of the most recognised fashionista’s out there, not to mention the fact that she’s a contributing editor for Vogue. Being the face of Longchamp helped along the way, and then came IT.

This little book is so weirdly wonderful and unique, all about her inspirations and muses for joining the modelling world, but also her doodling and personal photos, it’s a collection of very close to the heart words about herself and few pieces of advice and opinions along the way.

IMG_1807.JPG    IMG_1805.JPG

Bearypie xoxo

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