Let’s have a catch-up

I’ve been blogging since 10th April 2016, what started out as a hobby and something to keep me motivated in between jobs ended up being something I absolutely LOVE.

Albeit, a lot harder to keep up and maintain than it seems, everything that I do I ask myself if it’s an opportunity to blog about, this might come across as being too open and that my mind is ‘online’ 24/7 for writing about products, beauty, fashion and life all the time, when really it takes a lot of time and effort to write and produce a blog. And it shows if you’re only 50% invested, which therefore means you need to be on top of it all the time.

So yes, sometimes life experiences are the best although hardest posts to write, (and it may seem like putting your dirty laundry out to dry for the world to see) when really it’s only because it’s what I know best. And I’ve always said that if it helps just one person realise they aren’t alone in a world that seems to be against us a lot of the time, then I’ve done something good.

Anyway, what’s been happening? and what’s set for the future? I scrolled down to the bottom of bearypie to have look at the blogs I was writing this time last year, and even though, apart from the layout of writing, and a tiny bit better with putting words together, the content hasn’t changed that much. 




I’ve been to New York, attempting to work, but ended up having three weeks of living it up, drinking coffee, eating bagels, shopping a lot in Sephora, having Cosmos in our favourite bar – Industry Kitchen, meeting our Airbnb-er’s mother and loving her, having a ‘hol-o-dog’ called Daisy. Sightseeing and just being with someone you love, to share memories and explore together in a magical city, this city shouldn’t be done alone, even though our 6 months was severely shortened, we talk about those 3 weeks to this day.


Then came moving house- three times! and now we are finally settled and happy, it just took us a while, from Grenoside with Dad to Ecclesall (which reminds me….NEVER rent privately) to Kelham Island, where we are now, and starting unfurnished, making our house a home.


Then came starting a new job, this is a tricky one, and not the most black and white story to tell, after finishing Uni I had no idea what to do, all I knew was my dad was nagging me to get a job with a good pension, this was recited to me 10 + times a day. So I nabbed a job at a company called Aivaf, and even though it’s not in the same direction as my degree, I still enjoy it and find it very interesting. However, will I be here forever? Who knows. Will blogging take over? I HOPE.


Then came a few challenging times for Cal and me, things that I can’t even bring myself to write about just yet, but things are moving onwards and upwards and all we know is we will be alright eventually, but these people who hurt us won’t in the end, karma catches up with people, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next year, but it will.

And so here we are, present day. Obviously, everything in between, the makeup, the skin care, the fashion, this has happily filled the gaps in between rather well, and it always will. As I think I’m heading in the direction of more beauty and skincare and less personal trials and tribulations, but who knows just yet. 

Good things are around the corner which I’m keeping under wraps till then 🙂

Bearypie xoxo

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