Every single day, please

It might seem like a first world problem but there are certain items I just can’t live without. 

There’s obvious, food and water, deodorant or our mobile phones etc, but those little magical items, products and things that make our life so much better and our day a lot brighter.


♥ Eye cream

Ohhhhhh eye cream, the stuff can work wonders. Reduce redness and puffiness at the best of times – right in the morning. I depend on this so much when I’ve had a bad nights sleep, sometimes I even feel better when tossing and turning at night knowing that I have something to help me look half decent the next day.


♥ Hot Water and Lemon

As much as I love coffee and green tea, we know we should only have coffee in moderation and even though green tea is the healthier option it still has caffeine even if it is natural – but not clever to have it too late at night. My mum is to blame for the amount of hot water and lemon I have each day, ever since being a little girl, my mum has had lemon in her hot water – religiously every morning. And I have never enjoyed it as much as I am at the moment.

However I seem to get given a lot of green or herbal tea as prezzies, my mum just brought me some Sencha green tea back from Fortum and Mason and as much as people say you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between that and Twinings unfortunately in some cases you can. 


♥ Cuddles from Cali


Sometimes the things that are priceless are the best.

I couldn’t imagine my life without them in the morning and when I get in from work, I dream about those cuddles when he’s not around, and one of them can make me see sense through a moment of madness.



Who else can get through a long day at work without a little ‘sing a long’ to your favourite tunes? I have music on all day every day, and I have a routine that I keep religiously. Radio 1 in the morning, listening to a bit of Nick Grimshaw and Clara Amfo till dinner time, and as the annoying voiced DJ’s come on I quickly turn to YouTube or Apple Music and listen to everything I can think of from Destiny’s child to George Michael and EVERYTHING in between. 



This might sound like a bit of a weird one, I have my hair down a lot during the day, but when I get home, one of the first things I do (especially if I’m for the rest of the day) I go put my lounge wear on and tie my hair up.

I may have mentioned this before but I don’t use anything other than invisibobbles these days, these wonderful things not only give you a plumpy ponytail but for people with thin hair they are a godsend. Usually, by using a normal bobble I can pull half my hair out when untying, it also makes my limp and thin pony look more volumised. 




Although I don’t post every day, it doesn’t mean blogging isn’t constantly on my mind.

I’m usually either, taking photos, jotting down notes for what to write next, writing out a draft or editing a blog that I’ve already written, I go on bearypie every single day without a doubt, and now it’s become something that I could not live without doing. It is such an outlet for information that I have spinning around in my head, in a way it calms me down and makes my head feel less full.  People will never know how much blogging has helped me accomplish things that I never thought I would be able to. 

Bearypie xoxo

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