girly hacks for any girly girl

We all have them, those secret tips and tricks that we have done for years, but who knew that maybe other people don’t know about them?

A number of YouTubers these days are giving away all their best hacks.

So I got inspiration and thought I’d share my best 5.

Hack 1.

Heat your eyelash curlers 


My eyelashes are as straight as they get, and I’ve been sent a gift by god when they invented LVL lash lift, which is a non-surgical procedure where they take your real lashes and mould them into a curl, which lasts for quite a few weeks. This costs around £45.00 so sometimes I don’t keep up with it. Therefore a little hack that I have learned is to heat up my eyelash curlers using my hair dryer, wait for them to cool slightly and then curl away, afterwards, I quickly pop on my mascara and it does the job for me till I book my LVL.

Hack 2.

Add instant fake tan to gradual fake tan

When it comes to fake tan – I am so impatient, and I don’t often tan myself unless I know I am going to have my arms or legs out for an occasion.


Sometimes I get sick of being so pale and fancy a bit of a glow on my chest, neck, and arms, but I find that with a gradual tan – you aren’t always getting the look you wanted by the next day – and with an instant tan it can leave you so streaky. 

Therefore I take my gradual tan and add a few tiny pumps of instant tan together and massage into my body without any gloves or mitts (which I find doesn’t spread the tan evenly) I moisturise into my skin, taking my time and really working it in till it almost feels dry. The next day you have a more natural glow and no streaks 🙂

Hack 3.

Use a foundation brush to apply a facemask 

I love using face masks and make sure I do one at least once a week during pampering time.


But I sometimes end up getting everywhere, in my hair and not in all the nooks and crannies of my face. Especially when using L’Oreal Clay Masks – it is recommended to use all three at one time on different parts of your face, it’s only obviously to use a brush to apply to get the best results.

I use a Bobbi Brown foundation brush that I have never used before. I can spread evenly all over my face without using my fingers.

Hack 4.

Spray Perfume on your hair

So simple yet I have never done this till a few years ago.

A compliment that I get a lot is how nice I smell (not a bad thing to be said about one’s self!) and I think that’s because it’s in my hair and seems to leave my perfume all over everyone. I still spray my perfume on my neck and wrists, but if either my hair is up or down I spray a little perfume (or my brilliant Burberry Hair Mist) on the lengths of my locks and I rest assured my smelling gorgeoussssss.

Hack 5.

day night-dreaming

This might seem a little out of the ordinary, but I suppose you could class this as a tip rather a hack. Those nights when I can’t sleep and wake up worrying about things that would seem so ridiculous to worry about in the middle of the day, but of course you think of the craziest situations at night. 

I take my mind instantly off whatever is worrying me by planning an outfit for the next day, along with shoes, accessories, lipstick and bag – even if this option doesn’t get worn the next day, it usually has me drifting away from the worrying and sends me off to sleep again.

Each to their own.

Bearypie xoxo

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