Unfortunately, this blog is only being written as I have had a bad experience renting, otherwise I would have no idea on the matter and what would I be as a blogger if I didn’t pass on some words of wisdom on even if it isn’t beauty or skin care advice

Even though I think that renting is a money making machine for any landlord and that it would be a much better scenario if we could all buy – unfortunately, we have to pay our dues first and then eventually buy the perfect house for ourselves and all the money we pay and spend is going on something that is ours.

However, renting gets us by, it has its advantages – we get to live in a place that we might never be able to afford to buy, it allows does to have more freedom, sometimes furniture comes with the place, you aren’t too worried about having that party last weekend (a lick of paint will cover up some of the damages).

It’s also great to think that tenants these days have many many manyyyy more rights than landlords. Which is a bit twisted, but it saves your little bottom if anything bad was to happen.

This doesn’t apply for people renting through an agency, as there is a middle man, and I don’t want to say that EVERY single landlord is a bit of an a***hole. But when it comes to renting privately – sometimes you need to keep your eyes peeled and your head in the game.

Unfortunately (and now I’ve said that word 3 times now) for Cal and myself we had a pretty bad experience a few months ago, and it’s safe to say we have learned our lesson and know what to look out for when we decided to rent somewhere else. Or if we rent again in the future.

However, I can safely say we shall not be renting privately again.

So here are a few tips, tricks and things to ask and to look for when renting privately, that could save you from a crappy ending.

1. Just don’t rent privately if you really don’t have too.

You don’t know what type of person you’re getting, and you don’t know who they are.

While they are showing you around the property that they are desperately trying to rent (so they can cash in your money) of course they are going to be sweet as pie. Try and go with your gut instinct, I ignored this and ended up having a pretty dodgy landlord.

2. Fire Alarm and Gas Certificate

Check that, 1) they are working and 2) that they even have one!

We lived in a house for 6 months with no fire alarm and no gas certificate, with a super dodgy boiler. This isn’t a joke, if you’re not sure, ask!

3. Check those readings on DAY ONE

Ask to see the readings as soon as you move in – not a day after or next week.

Straight away.

We got our arm twisted and didn’t get to our readings till 3 days later! There was a key for the door where the metres were and we couldn’t get access till we asked our landlord who said ‘let’s not do that now, we’ll do it later’ which ended up being days later.

4. Did you get that Deposit Protection Scheme email yet?

Answer no? Then you’re probably not in one.

Every landlord – even privately rented landlords have to put your money in a DPS it’s the law and you can get up to 3 times your rent back as compensation for putting your bond at risk. That is NOT their money, and if they keep it then it’s theft.

Schemes are put in place do there is a sound middle man. So that Landlords and Tenets don’t have to exchange words with one another in the case of any fees that are taken off the bond.

For example;

Landlord thinks that £100 should be taken from bond for cleaning

Landlord informs DPS that they would like £100 taken from bond for cleaning purposes

DPS inform old tenants of fee

Old tenants either agree or disagree and responds to DPS

DPS then speak to Landlord about final decision and fee

There should be no communication between the two parties if the tenant then disagrees DPS deal with all the discrepancies on behalf of them – this saves it from getting nasty.

5. Snap those photos – snap snap snap away

There’s no better evidence than a photo – taken on a phone that comes with a date and time.

Looking at the point above – if you think that the landlord is trying to pull a fast one by saying the property wasn’t clean etc – then you have photographic evidence that this wasn’t the case. This can then be used in your defence. Also taking photos of the metres, for any statements from your supplier saying you need to pay a balance for when you weren’t even in the property, the photo will have a date on it for your proof.

6. Rule of a landlord 

They shouldn’t be allowed to come around unannounced (even if they live next door)

If they want you out – you get two months to move

You shouldn’t have to pay for your own tenancy agreement.

They should fix your boiler/water but not your light bulbs etc

Happy Renting 😛

(p.s. these are strictly just my opinions – I know people rent privately and they are perfectly fine – I was once one of those people.)

Bearypie xoxo 

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