What’s on the menu for May Two Thousand and Seventeen.

How on earth are we nearly at the end of May already? We are officially coming into get ready for all that sun, I mean maybe a bit of sunshine, but that can’t be guaranteed.

This month has been jammed packed with purchases that I have loved. Not just newbies but ones that I’ve forgotten about and dusted them off and brought back to life.

Some were mentioned in my last blog (read here)

♥ Nails inc St James Nail polish



There isn’t much that a woman doesn’t like more than a good red nail polish. I usually only have Gel put on my fingernails these days, mainly because I don’t have a steady hand and ‘flood’ my cuticles and my best friend says. So more often than not I leave it to the experts and have my Gellish done. However, on Friday night I decided I was sick of either all of nothing (gels or bear fingernails) and sat in front of the settee with a glass of prosecco- which probably wasn’t a good idea, and painted my little paddy paws. And there in my box of tricks was an unopened little red bottle. I don’t know a hell of a lot about Nails Inc, and really only have taken notice since my best friend started to work for them, but this little gem spruced up my hands and with the help from some drying spray they looked beautiful all weekend. 

♥ Aussie – 3 Minute Miracle Moisture & Take The Heat 3 Minute Miracle 

326973  71CkvlvH9LL._SY355_

I’ve changed my hair colour…..again, which therefore means I have changed my hair products to compliment it as much as possible. I’ve gone back to an old favourite, and this time I’ve taken it up a notch and started using their 3-minute rescue conditioners. 

I use whichever shampoo I am feeling and actually which ever bathroom I am washing in at the time to pick a shampoo, afterwards I take one of the above, depending on the condition of my hair on that day – moisture if my hair feels thin and flat and Take The Heat if I know I will be styling afterwards and then I leave in for 3 minutes, while I do this I have started taking a comb and brushing my hair while wet and drenched in conditioner. I then rinse well and I’m looking good and smelling fine. 

I also read online that you should then use a normal conditioner (preferably an Aussie one) afterwards, this is because a mask opens the hair scales to deeply nourish it, and a conditioner afterwards closes them again.

♥ Rimmel Wake me up Foundation 

£8.99 at Superdrug


Colour – True Ivory

At first, I was wary about 2 things, 

1) Rimmel as a brand?

2) Was the shade too dark?

And I’ve been proven wrong with both, this is one of the best foundations I have used to date – honestly, it’s outdone Dior, Chanel, Laura Mercier, Guerlain and YSL. However, my skin does have a tendency to get used to a foundation and then not work as well anymore. Does anything one else have that same problem?

Albeit, for now, it is suiting me just fine. So dewy and long-lasting and so so cheap. 

♥ Kiko Foam Cleanser



I have had this product in my cupboard for over a year and had not touched it till last week and it presently surprised me to realise that I actually love this cleanser and the way you use it, usually with a cleanser you find it is a creamy consistency and you smooth and moisturise it into your skin before using a flannel and warm water to wash the remaining off your face.

This one is a pumping device and comes out as foam. 

I try to use this along with face wash or a face wipe to ensure that all the makeup is off my skin. But I actually like how this product is not as moisturising as the others I have.

This seems usual for me to say as I am all about moisturising – however, I think I’ve been over moisturising my face, therefore this product gives me that satisfaction a few days a week. 

I could find the exact product online as I bought it a while ago, but this is the nearest I could find.

Bearypie xoxo

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