WARNING, this blog will contain L’Oreal….again

I’ve tried to mix it up as much as possible, but when trying to put a list together I noticed that even though I may not use the same products over and over again, I do use the same brands when it comes to drugstore products. I am much more adventurous with higher market brands. 

I had to research whether Pixi was classed as a drugstore product, and even though the price is much higher than Garnier or L’Oreal it is still categorised as a drugstore and high street product.


Pixi Mud Cleanser. £18.00. Marks and Spencer

Take a pea size amount and smooth onto a damp face to start your morning on a fresh note (also can be used to remove makeup) this product is super gentle on your skin, can be used with hands or a mini exfoliator sponge. 


Mini Exfoliator Sponge 

I actually found these in Home Bargains, usually, I’m not one for getting things like this on the cheap, I bought ten for 99p and I have been presently surprised. With them being so cheap you can buy loads and throw them away when they have been well used. 

L’Oreal Fine Flowers Toner. £5.99. Superdrug

Soak a cotton pad and wipe all over your face to remove any impurities, this is yet another gentle product, the texture of the liquid is nothing like a micellar water. It’s much more silky and thick. And has a beautiful pink shine.


(I haven’t added an eye cream as the one I use is Elizabeth Arden.)




Pixi Double Cleanser. £24.00. Marks and Spencer.

This product comes with two cleansers. First is oil based, take a coin size amount and smooth all around the face, straight over makeup. Rub gently all over the face and rinse with a warm flannel. Then take the second cleanser which is more cream based and once again smooth all over face and rinse with a hot flannel and pat face dry with a clean towel.


Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask. £10.00. Boots

You have an option to apply this mask straight over makeup which I sometimes do. I rub this all over my face, as you are applying it starts to warm up. It’s an unusual sensation but feels amazing. I’m generous with the amount I smooth into my face and I make sure that my whole face is covered, I wait 5 minutes and then rinse off with a flannel. 

download (2).png


Garnier Micellar Water. £3.33. Boots.

Super duper cheap and still a brilliant micellar water, some of the top beauty bloggers use this because it is very good for the price! I soak a cotton pad and smooth over my face to get those little bits I might have missed. I then wait for it to completely dry and is soaked into my skin before applying anything else. 


L’Oreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water. £9.99. Boots

I never had a moisturiser in a water based form before, but I do love this one. If you’re into thin moisturisers that don’t linger on your skin for a long time after application then this is for you. I press two pumps onto the tips of my fingers and then smooth all over my face and neck, you will notice that it blends in almost instantly.



Seven drugstore products = £85.00

Bearypie xoxo



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