I came across an amazing makeup/skincare site, but…

So BeautyBay.com is an online only store made up of makeup, skincare and tools etc that you don’t casually see in your local boots etc

They have brands that I’ve never heard of before, brands that I’ve heard about but are the devil to find and those brands that are weirdly wonderful.

I love trying new things when it comes to makeup and skincare, although I like sticking to a routine its always so much fun to find something new, with different branding and exciting packaging, I’m sure you get what I mean.

Albeit, I came across some pretty worrying reviews about beauty bay, although they are filled to the brim with all these products (at good prices) offer free delivery if you spend over a certain amount, which I remember being quite low. They did have some comments and when I say some I mean thousands of comments saying that they are shocking at delivery.

Well… I thought, ermmmm, it’s an online shop, if they are bad at delivering items then it kind of screws up the whole point of ordering anything. I ummed at ahhed for months about it, I’m not joking, but whenever I was watching YouTube videos, these American products were coming up that I was pining for, but could only find on Beauty Bay.

The main thing that I wanted from Beauty Bay was the L.A Girl eye shadow pallet, I watched a tutorial on the pallet by a vlogger – CosmoHayley, she has to be one of the best makeup artist out there, her vlogs are incredible. So I ordered the pallet, which is a mixture of orange/red/brown tones and a dark and light blue, it may seem so 90’s to go for a blue shadow but when done correctly it can really bring out your eyes.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 12.06.17.png

The second thing that I bought were three nügg face masks, I have heard so much hype abut these, and I am a sucker for anything skincare/facemask related. So I bought three for about £4.00 each (although on my photo it only shows two, because the third one I bought and gave to Cal before I had taken the shots)


So far I have only tried the exfoliating mask, the consistency is very weird, very grainy and extremely thick, I was actually able to save half and use it again a few days later! WARNING, try not to get it in your eye, it bloody hurts!!!!!

Anyway I had got to the check out and entered by details and knew I’d have the dreaded wait for them to turn up, because of the amount I had spent I got to have standard delivery free, I paid for it all on a Thursday, so I thought the best I was going to get was Monday IF they were even going to turn up.

On Saturday morning, I had a knock on the door and there he was with my beauty bay box (although a very large box for very small items).

This shows you shouldn’t always take notice of the reviews on pages.

Link to Beauty Bay:


Items bought:

Eyelux Eyeshadow Trocicalize 

nügg Exfoliating Face Mask

nügg Charcoal Face Mask

nügg Deep Cleansing Face Mask


Bearypie xoxo

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