We all know I’m a sucker for anything L’Oreal..

…the obsession doesn’t stop with Elvive Extraordinary Clay, Masque, Shampoo and Conditioner. 

I’ve been loving a hair masque/deep condition recently, so when I saw this as part of a three piece it was straight in my boots basket, along with the Shampoo and conditioner. 

I’ve spoke about the Elvive Firbology Collection before (read here) and I really had nothing bad to say about it, yet another great and affordable product that anyone can get their hands on. But also one of the best out there at the same time. However I think L’Oreal have done it again, they’ve created something which beats the last that they released and that can be something that other brands find hard to do.

I suffer from greasy hair, I never feel like my hair is fresh, expect as soon as I have washed it. Mainly because I have fine hair, which can lead to greasier roots and I am forever playing with my hair. Because this formula is clay based, it is great for my problem.


This is so much fun to use, I actually look forward to bath time, apply to wet hair and simply massage into your roots. I usually section my hair with a clip and lather the bottom half of my roots then I do the top section and all around the my hair line. You then leave it for 5 minutes and rince out of your hair while massaging your scalp.


This shampoo comes in two types, one for rebalancing and one for dandruff, because I get greasy roots, I therefore wash my hair more often that others therefore I end up stripping the natural fibres in my hair which can leave my scalp dry.  This is an annoying result of washing hair too much. This shampoo restores everything that I’ve lost due to over washing, but also will try to keep my hair from getting too greasy in the first place. I don’t usually notice anything straight away, however my hair roots feel bouncy and my ends feel thick and soft.


Last but in no way least is the clay conditioner, same as any other conditioner, I make sure all the shampoo and masque is completely rinsed out of my hair and then squeeze as much of the water out as possible. I then take a blob of conditioner and apply to my ends only. People with greasier hair than normal need to be careful not to put too much conditioner in their hair, and try not to get any on the scalp. However because of my finer hair it seems to get very knotty, therefore I definitely need conditioner. I massage a small amount into my ends and leave for up to 3 minutes to really get all the benefits, I then rinse with cool water, I extra, double, triple make sure that it is all rinsed out before I get out of the shower/bath. Leaving anything in your hair can make it greasy!

♥ Products 

Clay Masque

Clay Shampoo

Clay Conditioner

Bearypie xoxo


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