Things went dowwwwnnn, and dad was there to pick up the pieces. As always

I wasn’t going to write about this, I was going to keep it to myself, it may not seem a big deal, but to me it was the biggest thing I’ve had to do in my life to date.

And who was there to sort out a bad situation?…..Rico aka Papa Bear.

In life, (obviously getting deep) I’ve had a few tricky situations, which I’m sure we all have, where the anxiety is at its highest, and I’ve felt like the problem I have, has no solution.
I try to solve it on my own, when really I know I just need to dial that number that I’ve known off by heart since he first got a mobile phone, and I’ll be certain to get the answer I want and need to hear.

One time, I must have been 18 years old, I went to Leeds with a bunch of my girls to visit a friend who was studying there. We had a huge halls party, and me and my best friend Georgie (she will be cringing right now) decided to drink a litre of white wine through a beer bong, well, I was in a mess, so at 3am I decided to ring my dad (very drunkenly) as I wanted to come home right there and then, low and behold my dad turned up an hour later and drove me home.

Getting back to date, Dad once again has helped me out with something that I thought I had to deal with on my own, (this time, not me being a drunken mess) I had my reservations about asking for help because I am meant to be a grown up now, dealing with stuff on my own seen as I am nearly 25 years old, pay my own bills and live away from home etc?

It made me question –  at what age are you too old you go to your parents for help?

The answer is, YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD.

My blog isn’t a place to bitch about certain individuals, and it never will be, so for that reason I will give absolutely no details. 

However, there’s something about a good Dad that just keeps us going and going when we find ourselves in tough situations with difficult people.

From family holidays, good cuddles, lots and lots of dad jokes, inappropriate giggles with him and brother and the home which I grew up in. Dad has always been one of the main features in my life, and that will never change.

I’d give him everything if I could. But instead he gives me everything. (I might thank him by putting him in a nursing home) LOLSSSS.

Bearypie xoxo


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