Face masks are something that I am really exploring and enjoying thoroughly at the moment.

Something that I look forward to the most (which might sound like I’m a right sad act) is my evening skincare routine.

The clock hits 4:30 pm (on a weekday) I get in my bibia (little car in Romanian) whiz home and open the door to my beautiful flat and the relaxing evening starts. Work stays in the lobby, well I try my best to leave it there.

The first thing I want to do is to get out of my work clothes, into jogging bottoms, an oversized tee and my fluffy VS slippers and TAKE THAT MAKEUP OFF! Sometimes the routine it slightly different, whether or not I have a hot bath.
A lot of the face masks recommend applying onto a clean dry face, however, I have one particular that you put on straight over makeup.

The Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask, I mentioned this mask on a recent post (read here) it’s super thick as it is clay based and smells divine! I even got some on my lips and it tastes pretty nice (I don’t recommend eating it). Like I said above, I apply this straight onto my face with makeup still on, I even rub it into my eyebrows, it heats up as you apply which is a funny yet satisfying sensation. Wait 5 minutes and remove.





Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask. I bought this mask a few months ago, and absolutely fell in love, the smell, the texture etc, however I have found out that they are discontinuing this certain mask as apparently its too hard to make compared to how popular it is. It has now even been taken off the website for sale. However they still have it in store…. for now. This mask is kept in the fridge so it feels extra refreshing when you apply it, its sooooo cold. It is a gritty texture so when you remove the product you can really feel the exfoliation. I tend to use this three times a week, and apply it before I go in the bath, I sit in the bath with it on for a good 10 mins and then remove with a warm, clean flannel.






Kiko Bright Lift Mask. Kiko is a funny one, I do like the brand, don’t get me wrong, but I think some of the products are not the best quality, however you can’t complain because of the price. I bought this mask a few months ago, and I can’t lie, it’s not the best, it doesn’t blend very well, when you apply it is extremely patchy, and I see absolutely no difference when I use it regularly.  It’s super runny and very thin, it smells nice though. That’s about it.





L’Oreal Pure Clay. Yes I am talking about L’Oreal again, but why would I not when it comes to these little gems, they have released a few new clay masks recently, but these three are still my winners. They’ve also created a whole different range with the same products, but this time they are washes and cleansers. (well worth trying!!!)
First up is the Pure Clay Glow Mask, absolutely gorgeous and smells divine, this one is gritty, so great for exfoliation, also its a gorgeous rose colour, so helps brighten. The next on is the Pure Clay Purity Mask, this one is so smooth and soft, great to purify that skin (especially after a heavy night). Last but not least is the Pure Clay Detox Mask, this one is very similar to other coal masks, I lather this all over my nose and chin, you can almost see it sinking into your black head pours.


£5.99 each (sale price at Boots)

I think the overall winner for me is the Lush Love Lettuce, this is the most recent one I have purchased. I am so disappointed that they are no longer going to have it available. However when I bought this particular one I did find it hard to choose between this one and others as they all seem great. They are kept on ice which is such a good idea. Also if you collect 5 of their tubs then you get one for free!!!! That’s always a bonus.

Bearypie xoxo




  1. Love this post! The lettuce mask looks really interesting! I’ve used the Loreal purity mask and it is definitely a favorite, love how the scent is so soothing as well :). Thanks for sharing.


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