It’s no secret to my friends and people who kindly read my blog that I am keen for ANYTHING skin care related.


So it didn’t come as a massive shock that majority of my birthday presents this year were all of the skin care variety.
There are far to many things to mention, you might as well go to House of Fraser instead of reading this. But I’ve picked a few of my faves and the ones I am absolutely loving so far!


First of…Megs, sweetest little person in the whole world. Took the risky move of buying me a L’Oreal item, as anyone might no I LOVE LOREAL so it came as a surprise that something she bought me from L’Oreal was something that I actually don’t have.

    Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 20.29.14.png


L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Wash. This also comes in a mask which of course I have written about (read here) This is more of less the same thing but comes in a face wash form instead!
All you do (am and pm) although I don’t use everyday. Is apply to a wet face, and massage in circular motions and really focus on your T zone (forehead and nose) and scrub away at the chin, and then just rinse with warm water. The main ingrediant is charcoal so great for spots, blackheads and the more oily areas of your face. And also it smells really satisfying.



Next up. Mama bear, I don’t think I can write about everything she bought me, my fingers might drop off. However a few things I NEED to mention are;


Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 20.26.32


Clinique Sonic System. I have one of these already but it’s not Clinique, I was extremely happy when I found this underneath the sparkly pink wrapping paper. This is a purifying cleaning brush, and is brilliant for a deep clean in an evening. It has a super soft brush, it removes every inch of dirt and grime on your face that a good old flannel doesn’t always get. It’s just more effective than a basic hand wash. I read that you shouldn’t use it every night as it should be used similar to an exfoliation cream and as you know, you shouldn’t use one every day. Once again, it’s great for that T Zone and is waterproof therefore can be used in the bath and shower.


Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 20.27.41

GLOWBIOTICS are a product that I often see in magazines and open sponsored advertisements on Instagram. The GLOWBIOTICS Nourishing Gel To Oil Cleanser has quickly become one of my must haves, the consistency is so gentle and refreshing, this generally gets used in a morning when I am busily getting ready for work. I really love oil cleansers, one of my favourites is a L’Oreal facial oil. This GLOWBIOTICS is a gel that gradually turns to oil, which melts away any impurities on your face, morning or night, including makeup.



Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 20.25.28

Last but not least, Decleor Phytopeel Smooth Exfoliating Cream . This has changed my skin care world! I love this baby. It is such weird concept, and only takes a few minutes, if seconds. This should be applied once or twice a week, I usually do this at night (or in the morning on a weekend). I apply this generously all over my face and down my neck. Then just let it dry slightly. And gently rinse with a warm towel. I then continue with my cleansing and toning regime. My skin feels so soft and like it has really had a good cleanse. There’s a specific way of applying this product which is a first for me. While making gentle movements upwards you are to hold your skin while doing so. The reason for this….I am yet to find out.


Bearypie xoxo

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