Every now and again we use, wear or buy something that blows us away, and we can’t imagine ever having lived without it. But in comparison to this, we buy things that have been raved about from top to bottom and they end up being a massive let down.



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A ritual that I am really trying to get into is moisturising myself every time I get out of the bath or shower, I haven’t done this….till recently. One, because I hate that sticky feeling and two, because I didn’t think it was overly important to do. As I have grown up and after seeing my mother moisturise her body every day since I can remember (and I can honestly say it has made her skin beautiful) I thought it was about time now that I am in my mid 20’s (omg I have just said that for the first time since turning 25). I take such good care of my face, why wouldn’t I take care of the rest of my skin? One reason that I can think of is that at the moment I don’t feel 100% confident or have a good opinion of my body, sometimes this makes me think that looking after my body is a waste of time, does any one else feel like that? However, I was gifted Decléor’s Aroma Confort Systeme Corps Moisturising Boby Milk for my birthday this year, and every time I get out of the bath or shower I make a point of spending a little time moisturising my arms, chest, legs and tummy.


by Alice Mackrell. Beth Hancock and Caroline Kinneberg


This little book has it all, from over 200 years of fashion, shoes, clothes, icons and everything in-between. It such a cute little read, and perfect size to throw in your handbag to have a read at dinner time or in a coffee shop. I needn’t say much more, if you’re into fashion and all things pretty then this is a lovely little book for you.

at Waterstones



rosso-entrance1300.jpg  rosso-upperseating1300

This isn’t an item but a resturant that me and Cal managed to squeeze into on a Friday night in Manchester. We didn’t book, but I suggest you do, I think we were just really lucky to get a table. However this is probably one of the most beautiful restaurants I have ever visited and very reasonable prices.
We shared a bottle of Prosecco, but I managed to have a Cosmopolitan of course. And it was one of the best I have had to date. To top the evening we decided to treat that separate stomach that is soley used for desert. I was once a big chocolate person, but recently I never seem to fancy it like I used to, although, on this occasion I decided to go for the most chocolatey thing on the menu, (however) I can’t seem to find the desert menu on the website. But I can guarantee anything you go for will be immaculate.






I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, and I will mention it again, I have the most annoying eye lashes. They are long but they are as straight as they can get. The LVL lash treatment is my saviour and when I have that done…any mascara looks brilliant. However when my eye lashes are left to their own devices, the Armani Eccentrico Mascara is naff! It does not curl, it does not separate, it does not do wonders for my eyes.




Hmmmmm, you should use powder to find the answer to your makeup staying on longer, and I’m sure it must work wonders for some people out there. However, I love the dewy look, and I never seem to be successful in achieving dewy if I use powder. I was told that the LM Translucent Lose Setting Powder was on the of the best, yet I am not seeing the results I was expecting. It makes my skin matty, and I find it gathers in areas instead of spreading evenly over my face.




Well well well, the hype around this product was out of this world, I don’t feel as though I’ve seen lip gloss hype like it before, and on top of that, this is a massive factor which has not only made Kylie worth more than Kim, but has placed her on the Forbes 100 list!! However am I missing something? Is it that I don’t have real or fake bee stung lips that the lip kits just don’t seem to; 1) stay on my lips? or 2) look right? The criteria for these lip kits seems to be to have big lips and to look like a beautifully tanned Kardashian. Not only was the item on the high side of pricing but also the nice little customs cost that came through the post a few weeks after purchasing as well as the delivery fee on top just made the product a let down to me.
Although I did love the colour.

Dirty Peach

Bearypie xoxo



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