I’ve noticed that the moment you realise that your mental health is healthier is when you realise that you’ve stopped thinking about how s**t you feel.

It’s so weird, but I’ve not actually noticed that I am happier, because I’ve not been thinking about how crap I am feeling. 

It’s not entirely true when people say ‘bad things come in threes’ because I think they actually come in fifths and even sixths.
It would be entirely wrong for me to go in head first, into all detail on a blog, but the short version is that both me and Cal changed jobs one after another, one after feeling it was just about time to and second being basically extremely unfairly told to f**k off, moving house after dealing with a landlord from hell, an ex boss from a place even lower than hell and people taking advantage of a kind natured human being, and subsequently even the littlest of problems were heightened by a thousand. 

However nearly 8 months on, two new jobs, a none privately rented GORGEOUS apartment, a new shop that is opening soon! (yay) And beautiful best friends and very good family members, I haven’t even noticed how much happier I am, purely because I haven’t been dwelling on how bad things are were.

However it doesn’t take away the fact that my mental health was bad and is still so important.


Some suffer more than others I think I know that better than anyone after living with someone like my boyfriend.

There’s me losing my mind and mental state of well-being, losing a grip on life and wanting to go hide in a room till the worst of it is over…and then there’s Cal, powering through, still keeping his head above water, taking it day by day and still humming along to songs like there’s no care in the world and on top of that, sleeping like a baby!!!!!

This doesn’t mean the Beth’s of the world are inferior to the Cal’s, it just states the obvious, that minds are as different from one person to the next, and isn’t that what mental health is all about?
Where we act in similar ways, yes. But not EXACTLY the same. Where one situation might not bother millions of us, but bothers a million others in a massive way.

I’ve noticed, from reading, listening and watching that mental health is talked about sooo much, but it isn’t about ‘that thing we can’t talk about‘ anymore, it’s about getting on with life and self-help. 

If we want out, we can get out, even though it’s bloody hard, when you’re in a rut feeling like you can’t breathe, it’s hard to think that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Changing factors in your life, even the tiniest of ones can make you one step closer to feeling better.

The thing is CHANGE.

Coming from me, the person who HATES change, that is a pretty grown up thing to say. I hate everything about change, but change has been the sole reason why I feel so much healthier. Changing jobs, changing homes, changing foods, even changing friends has made me feel so much clearer and content.

Bearypie xoxo


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