We are yet again heading at a very fast pace towards the colder months and soon that dreaded word that we all hate to hear before December reaches us…Christmas. sshhhh.

But before we hear any jingles bells, Autumn makes an appearance first and I just love Autumn, the hats come out, the woolly jumpers are at the forefront of our outfit choices and the colder days mixed with the sun is still shining.

I don’t know what it is about crisp colder days with low sunshine that makes me feel so happy but it just does. But what makes me smile the most are the outfits that you can put together that you just can’t seem to get with summer clothing.
And even though I hate being cold, I love it being cold outside but wrapped up warm.

Yes the cold feet when getting into bed and the frost on the windscreen of the car isn’t the most appealing thoughts when it comes to colder weather, but wearing those new boots you bought last month and being dying to wear or that gorgeous Pom Pom hat beats all.




Autumn isn’t really complete without that go-to knit jumper, and an oversized one at that makes my heart beat even faster.

This is a Zara find and if I could live in it I probably would, with it being oversized I can wear many layers, without looking huge, but today I wore it with just a sports bra underneath. It’s not scratchy which is a bonus, and I love the grey colour although it comes in two other options.




Not much in an outfit is complete without a good pair of jeans, I have many ones that I could talk about but my most recent pair are from Zara. I hate a pair of jeans that don’t fit well, if they are skinny, then that is what they should be, I got these in a size 8 and they fit beautifully. Classic blue after wearing a lot of black jeans recently is just what I need to spruce things up. To top it off they have casual little frays at the bottom to give the outfit an edge.




Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 10.25.41.png

Oh boots, when you find the right pair of boots I feel like your life is made. I am swooning over these Tommy Hilfiger’s. Since his new turn around and the tiny little fact the Gigi Hadid is the face of TH now it seems to me that it has slowly been one of my favourite brands and something that I keep a close eye on when wanting new items. These boots are to die for, and are the prefect addition to your finish off your Autumnal look. Oh and your feet look GORGEOUS.


Bearypie xoxo



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