Everyone knows my love for the absolute goodness Taylor swift, and yes on occasions I do think that I would choose her over Cal. But if you’re an avid fan, then there are always them songs, them hidden gems, them track number 7 songs that not everyone knows but you DO!!

Here are my five favourite but extremely underrated songs that you MUST listen too. (but should know if you call yourself a true fan) ♥

Girl At Home


About a girl who is the side piece for a boy already in a relationship! naughty boy!

From her Red album. (2012)


Dear John


Rumored to be about her relationship with John Mayer! And in great Taylor Swift style…it isn’t a loving song about how great he was but they just had to go their separate ways, NOPE, about how he was actually a bit of a dick. This song is so deep, it gives me chills every time.

From her Speak Now album (2010)


You Belong With Me


Probably the first song I properly listened to and took notice off. Way before Taylor was the big star she is now. Me and my old girlfriends used to love singing this at school, at the top of our lungs. Also we used to change a few lyrics to suit us and what we were feeling at the time. Thaaaa knows who you are 😉

From her Fearless album. (2008)


Picture To Burn


Such a sassy country song! The real and original Taylor at all ultimate girlie best! About an ex, of course who she gets revenge on (in the video) in the best way! And how all those ‘daddy girls’ Dads feel when their daughters get played over by a boy! Daddy will come and shoot you, or set you on fire, or punch you in the face….probably!!!

From her ‘Taylor Swift’ debut album! This girl was writing hits before we’d even stopped sucking our thumbs. (2006)


Wildest Dreams


One of the most beautiful songs and BEAUTIFUL videos despite people saying she was racist! Still to this day that is the most ridiculous thing that’s ever been said based on this video!!! F****g pathetic.

The song is pure magic and the video matches it perfectly. And lyrically astounding.

From her 1989 album. (2014)



bearypie xoxo

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