Since living at Kelham and having a lot more space than our last flat, we have been able to venture with buying items that would just have cluttered our other home. However if only small, space is space and it seems a girl like me needs to have room!

The last month I’ve purchased (or been bought) some beautiful items, home items seem to be on the forefront of my mind at all times, and even though I love fashion, beauty and everything skincare, its definetly taking a back seat at the moment as most of my pennies are going on anything that looks beautiful in our flat.

1. Storage.

(baskets, and lots of copper) I collect Vogue magazines, among with other fashion magazines, and I have a hard time throwing them away. Therefore instead of them gathering dust under my bed, I stack them in beautiful wooden baskets of all different shapes and sizes, some have merely been charity shop buys, where on the rare occasion you can really find some gems, but I must say and you might hear me say it a lot…IKEA has been surprising great with filling my flat with lots of wicker baskets. The one I’m referring to in his occasion is a the white wozen basket (see below) from Ikea. I love the painted white rusty look, and this fits my collection in nicely.
Also I know it goes in and out of home feshion, but anything rose gold or copper can fill a empty space on a shelf perfectly.



2.Plants flowers and LOTS of plants and flowers.

This probably could be a blog on its own, considering the amount of plants and flowers I buy on a weekly basis.

Ikea (again sorry) M&S, Waitrose and a little hidden gem on Ecceslsall road have been my obsession as of late. With the exception of ones that are bought for me.

They fill up my entire living room and now have moved on to the bedroom, much to Cals dismay. And I love every single one of them! There will only ever be more more and more.


3.Champagne flutes.

People probably hear me say this a lot, but one of my favourite things in the world is a nice fizzy, cold glass of prosecco on a weekend and then on special occasions the good old Moët, and I am a hinderance to Cal as I can only drink the juice out of certain style glasses. So that’s why Oliver Bonas have come to my attention again with these beautiful Le Flore glasses. Bought to me by Cal as one of my birthday presents. I love them and will only let certain people have the honor of drinking out of them.



Cal recently bought me a collection of Charles Dickens books from a vintage shop in Kelham Island called the Nicole’s building. You have to have patience in there and have time on your hands, as you need to rustle through all the crap to find a diamond in the rough. On this occasion he came home with 20 Dickens classroom, he knows I LOVE everything about period dramas so this has made my book shelf look beautiful. But its not just the good old classics, from Jane Austin and the Bronte Sisters, but anything fashion related or inspriational. The best place to find these books are charity shops, of course its great shopping in selfridges or harrods for the first used additions, but books are books, and should never ever be thrown away, theres always someone who will buy your unwanted books. Always recycle them or re home them!!!!


Bearypie xoxo

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