Ever heard of Langé Paris? No me either, and now I can’t live without it.

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After a bit of research (because you should always do that when purchasing higher priced skin care) I decided on three products, a face wash, a night cream and a day cream. All suited to my skin type.

1. Day Cream
Phyto-active Day Cream


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First of all, I know it shouldn’t mean everything when it comes to a cream, but packaging in my eyes is something very verrrryyy important. And it’s safe to say Langé have got it just right! The pot for this cream is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen.

Anyway, the product inside, (even though we are probably paying more for the bottle) is absolutely divine. Its super comfortable on your face and smooths over with so much ease, the only thing that I do different when it comes to this cream is I really let it soak into my skin before I apply anything else on top of it, I make the most out of the product. it’s a perfect base for makeup before primer, my foundation looks dewier and lasts longer.
I lightly apply on my skin after toning, with my finger tips, depending on my skin that particular morning, I’m sometimes a little more generous if my skin needs a really good hydration.

2. Night Cream
Hydra-Global Active Night Cream


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I religiously take my makeup off properly every night, I used to take it off as soon as I got in from work, especially if I knew I wasn’t leaving the house again till the next morning. Recently I have been a tiny bit more lenient. The thing is when taking your makeup off at 5pm – ish, I used to find myself doing my whole skin care routine and then applying some night cream on later on just before bed. Therefore I either do it a few hours before bedtime or just before.

This cream is exactly what it says on the bottle, its rehydrating and my goodness you can feel that. I wake up in the morning and my face feels sooooo soft. Not many night creams can give you that!

I apply this very gently, all over my face and neck and really spend some time stroking upwards and in circular motions. you need to make sure that all your make up is off, using a good face wash, cleanse/tone, eye cream and then moisturiser. Sometimes I might add a face mist in there if I need an extra boost.

3. Face wash
Cleansing Foaming Gel


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 A new way to wash your face. When I first saw the head I thought that it wouldn’t be anywhere near as good as my Clinque electric face brush, but they do say that less is more sometimes. And I can certainly say that this mini silicone brush is pretty good, it’s extremely soft on your face, which is weird because it doesnt look like it would be, but it really gets into all the lines and curves of your face, you just pump down the top 3 or 4 times, and in circular movements brush it all over your face. I then at the end, us my fingers as a final scrub. And then rinse with water, I usually find that there is not a lot of makeup left behind after using this. And that is usually a good sign!


Bearypie xoxo 

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