So it’s 1st March, and so far this year I have purchased 5 hats this, adding to my collection already large collection.
Here are my faves;

Baker Boy Hat


baker boy  baker boy 2

A trend that is coming in fast, unlike the cosy bobble hat, this hat can we worn right into summer, yes it keeps your head warm and keeps that heat in, but with the little beak at the front it also keeps sun out of the eyes to some extent, be sure to see this sort of style on a lot of people’s heads this year!

Topshop. £15.00

Fedora Hat


fed 1.jpeg

Probably my favourite style of all hats, I own a lot of Fedroa hats, these hats can really put together an outfit, from smart/casual to super trendy.
This one is from Oliver Bonas and is actually now on sale. I love the plait and the grey, I have one very similar to this that I bought last year, it just never seems to lose style, the style it had the first time you wore it. It remains my favourite statement piece to this day.

Oliver Bonds. £30. £15.00

Turban-style Headband with knot


turnin 1

Not for everyone, but when you can wear this, then you just CAN. I can’t find the exact link for this hat, I bought mine from London, just before Christmas so they might not have the woolly version in anymore, however they have thinner material options, or if you type the product name into google I’m sure you’d be able to find one you like.
To be honest I love this hat, purely because of the opening at the top, therefore you aren’t getting the full ‘pain-in-the-arse’ hat hair fiasco. But you are still keeping those little ears warm, I also love the colour, you can never go wrong with cream/beige.

Zara. £9.99 (alternative)

Pink Big Knit Pompom Beanie Hat


bobble hat

bobble hat 2

The safe, casual, cute and cosy beanie bobble hat. I can’t find this on Topshop’s website anymore, but I do know that they have plenty in store (Meadowhall)
I love a good woolly hat, the thing I like about this one is it’s not too tight, so you don’t get a sweaty head, and you don’t get the shape of the hate marked on your forehead (unlike my Burberry hat, read here). I love the pink, I usually can be a bit boring and neutral with colours, always going for greys or blacks. This is so feminine while remaining on trend.

Topshop – sale – £5.00

Bearypie xoxo

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