It’s been a hot minute since I last blogged, I’d say a good few months.

And a lot has happened since I last published a blog. With changing jobs, Cal opening his new shop, and life getting in the way, blogging just doesn’t seem to be my priority. It wasn’t till I got my annual email saying that ‘bearypie’ was up for renewal and X amount was taken out of my bank account that I thought ‘Beth what are you playing at? Get back on it, you love it, why have you stopped?’ and the only excuse I can give myself is that I’ve just been a little bit lazy and with that comes no inspiration.

It’s not even that there’s been nothing to write about, there has, I could ramble on all day, but you know that feeling that you get starting a new book? You love it once you’re past the first chapter, but picking it up and sticking at it till the boring bit is over is hard or when you start an essay for uni, and you’re still reading the title of the paper hours later and can’t start the first sentence? I’ve had a bit of that, once I get going I’m like a fire on the keyboard, but I find it so hard to start. 

To be honest I don’t even know what this blog should be about, or even called. So the title of this blog will be the last thing I write I think. 

I think I had a bit of a self-confidence relapse. I almost didn’t want to write because of the worry of being judged, I could write about clothes, skin care, fashion, books etc etc all day long, but when it comes to lifestyle and mental health I really panic when it comes to pressing the publish button. 

As much as maybe it might help one or two people, I don’t think it helps me as I am open for judgment from people who maybe don’t understand fully. 

Its time to get back on it with the beauty, skin care, makeup and fashion! YAYYYYY

Bearypie xoxo

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