5 great Christmas gifts for her

I don’t believe that any woman is hard to buy for, I know from being told by Cal that he knows exactly what I would like for Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries etc. I’ve never had to tell him, and he’s always got it spot on, from Tiffany&Co, to Mulberry to Mac and Apply products he’s never […]

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I love your style

(This is not me writing all the lyrics for Drake’s One Dance) The do’s and dont’s to creating your own personal style. These are a few things to consider; 1/ Your budget. You don’t need thousands of pounds in the bank to be able to dress stylish, most of us out there aren’t loaded, and that doesn’t […]

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Birthday coming up?….

Don’t know what you want to ask for? Here’s a little baby list prepared so you don’t have to worry your little baby head 😘 🚫!!!!WARNING!!!!🚫 – you will not find anything remotely to do with Playstation/Xbox, games (basically anything geeky) trucks, trains, planes, gift vouchers, CDS…DVDS, computer related, work clothes or stationary. Million Dollar Moisturiser […]

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July Favourites 😻

We all have our favourite things in life, some things more than others, and then we have that great moment when we find a product or piece of clothing which we fall in love with and can’t imagine our life without it! So here’s a few things from last month which have made it onto […]

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My Favourite Bed Linen

There is nothing more satisfying and glorious as crisp, clean bedding. Smelling good enough to eat, and feeling like a little baby lamb! That first night in a clean bed is not one that you easily forget. BUT it can be quickly ruined by rubbish, hard, and scratchy bedding and more often than not – […]

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