Book By Sali Hughes This little gem is never far from me when I’m at home, I love a good flick through on the sofa, in bed or at (our new) breakfast bar. Filled to the brim with Sali’s honest truth’s about pretty much anything beauty related. I’ve sat down with a pencil every time […]



products, lotions, potions, clothes and bags ect – the best of 2016 I probably could go on forever but I’ve managed to whittle it down to the ultimate things that I loved this year. 1/ YSL Touche Éclate Le Teint Foundation With foundation it is good to try many and mix and match, you don’t have to use […]

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5 essential makeup tips…

…before and after applying makeup. In order to have a good day we need to have a good start. The first thing I think about in the morning (apart from brushing my teeth) is getting ready to paint my face. So here are my top 5 tips for what to do before and after applying […]

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L’Oreal: tried and tested

There’s been a few products recently that I’ve bought which have been on my list for a while, so I’ve been waiting till I had them all to ‘try and test’ them for you. They are all L’Oreal, who are absolutely killing it at the moment! I love my high brand cosmetics, and once I […]

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What’s in my handbag?

I’ve seen so many vloggers do this on YouTube! And I find it so interesting! The things that lie at the bottom of my handbag are my LIFE! If my bag was to go missing, a part of my soul would go as well! They aren’t as scary as you think, men seems to have […]

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September Favourites 😍

It’s that time again, (although a bit later than usual, oopss…a lot later than usual) Here are my September Favourites 1/ Oliver Bonas – ‘B’ & ‘C’ coat hooks I would highly recommend you go over to and have a look for yourself at some of the GORGEOUS stuff on their website. My next purchase […]

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August Favourites 😍

It’s the end of another month, which means another ‘Favourites’ special. This month was a good month on the product situation, I’ve tried out many different lotions and potions, some bought by myself and some bought for me. I love when people buy me things that I don’t think I’d ever buy myself and then […]

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Birthday coming up?….

Don’t know what you want to ask for? Here’s a little baby list prepared so you don’t have to worry your little baby head 😘 🚫!!!!WARNING!!!!🚫 – you will not find anything remotely to do with Playstation/Xbox, games (basically anything geeky) trucks, trains, planes, gift vouchers, CDS…DVDS, computer related, work clothes or stationary. Million Dollar Moisturiser […]

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